The Electric Power and Energy Research Laboratory (EPERLab) is part of the School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica. The EPERLab specializes in the modelling, simulation and analysis of electricity systems, including all different electrical energy sources and end customers.

Among the wide range of network studies carried out in the laboratory, the following are of particular interest for the Researchers in the EPERLab:

  • Processing of data for a better analysis and monitoring of the electricity systems.

  • Development of techno-economic and environmental studies for assessing the impacts of new technologies such as photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

  • Development of software and tools for the better assessment of the electricity systems.

  • Development of control algorithm to manage the electricity system in the absence or presence of new technologies.

  • Calculation of solar and wind potential in a region.


To investigate and provide practical solutions for the engineering and scientific community working on aspects of operation and planning of electricity networks, upon a base of professional ethic and compromise with the quality.


To be a reference laboratory in research and development in electrical power and energy systems that provides the most specialized services and high quality to the engineering and scientific community, thus becoming a laboratory with the highest competitiveness both national and international.


  • Ethic

  • Quality

  • Responsibility

  • Excellence

  • Lidership

  • Service

  • Cooperation

  • Creativity